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Profit, Episode 2: Hero

In this second episode, the pace slows down a little and a more easily coherent story is told.  Jim Profit does battle with Jack Walters and Joanne Meltzer; they look up each other’s information and set traps to expose the other.  Despite getting in some rough spots, Profit is  always one step of ahead of his moral and brave colleague.  He frames Walters for business lies and a biological murder, leaving the innocent man imprisoned for thirty years and Meltzer with greater resolve to take down Profit.

Though the acting wasn’t spectacular, there were a lot of things I liked more about this episode than the first.  It seems the show seized its chance to function within just one hour smartly.  Profit pits people against each other, and when they have resolved their differences (Walters and his wife, for one), it is too late.  Profit is so sincerely passionate about and proficient with his computer research, so much that one wonders with fear how he has such omnipotent access to other people’s lives.  He makes fools out of people who get friendly with him, and reaches a level of evil I hadn’t even considered in a villain protagonist: try to get a man locked up whom you attacked first.  Still, he is endearing and and sometimes bitterly hilarious; loudly practicing his Chinese and denying his sadistic actions in a warm and sincere tone.  Also gleefully disturbing is when Jim makes ally Nora Gracen put herself down, and resolve to change her moral ways.


The principal characters, going clockwise, starting from left: Nora Gracen, Joanne Meltzer, Jeffrey Sykes, Jim Profit, Bobbi Stakowski, Gail Koner, Charles Gracen, Pete Gracen

Though he seems often like a shallow character who doesn’t really seem to be that interested in people he lectures to the audience about via voice-over, the voice-overs still have a good amount of meaning.  Profit tells us to enjoy life before it ends, and to not be brash or reckless.  This show makes one feel strange in this regard: we are learning deep and sensible life lessons from a man whose existence is about ruining other people’s livelihood and families.  They are warnings, yet more than warnings- he seems to want the viewer to become a better person by becoming more careful of people.  Though he himself was cursed with a dismal family, and he feels genuine pity toward his victims.    Also great is discovering the plan he had set out along- to have Walters arrested- right after a heroic confrontation with Jim in which his dark past is almost exposed- by planting medical materials in his house, while pretending to befriend his wife.  The dramatic tension works much better in Episode 2 than 1, with the tragic married couple, vengeful Joanne Meltzer, Profit, and other corporates showing relationships and desires to help or one-up the other.

I am not totally engaged with the show’s story just yet, but I think the next episode will take this twisted tale even further.  Profit has a lot of goals left to achieve, and according to the episode descriptions, a whole gallery of enemies.

Overall rating: 4/5

Watched: Sunday, February 28, late at night in the Library Cafe

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  1. lukeccc
    March 2, 2010 at 2:41 AM

    hey matthew! I’m enjoying your blog immensely! makes me kinda wanna hunt down eps of profit for some laughs. sounds like an unintentionally hilarious show. good job, keep it up!

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