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Profit, Episode 4: Healing

As I predicted, Profit continues to get better.  Although Jim Profit does not face anyone as clever as Sykes, the situations he puts himself him get tougher, and the suspense and drama grow through that.  This is what happens:   Profit and Joanne get summoned by his boss Charles Gracen, who is fed up with suspicious activity, to inform them of a lie detector test scheduled for in a few days.  Profit spies on Joanne’s bearded, proud psychiatrist, Dr. Grant, and, with information about his sexual relationships with his patients- some bordering on rape, some even resulting in warding to get them silenced- blackmails him into manipulating Joanne.  This seems to be for ruining her test.  Grant has to use hypnosis, which Profit knows will work only on people willing to believe hypnosis works.  With some direct help from Jim, Joanne activates repressed memories about her father’s suicide when she was very young, resulting in her fleeing home to be hospitalized (which Profit pretends to finds shocking).  Grant gets arrested, and Jim frees Joanne, and seemingly befriends her.  Maybe he did this because he felt sorry, or maybe because his plan was to win her over all along and not have Chaz get suspicious.  Joanne, armed with a gun, finds Grant, who seems to have escaped from jail, but the doctor convinces her not to let herself be manipulated by Profit.

Throughout the episode, Profit also gets close to impotent and unimportant Pete Gracen, who actually seems to be planning something with Jeffrey Sykes- who claims he wants Profit to get off his case.  He gets to have whipping-belt-enhanced sex with Bobbi, while rekindling romance with Nora, wife of Pete Gracen, his recent fling and comrade.  Jim prepares for the lie-detector test by stamping one of his feet into a spike in his shoe.  Joanne, with her sanity regained, eagerly takes the test as well.  Both pass.  Chaz assures them this could be a problem much greater than he could comprehend.  Profit tells us about fighting hard battles and the comfort of sleep as he enters his box and bids us goodnight.

more scenes from Profit, including Jim's bizarre bed

Like I said, Profit continues to improve its passion and polish all the way through this episode.  My disgust for Jim Profit came back when it seemed he reached yet another level of evil- he was apparently willing to destroy an essentially innocent person’s dignity and sanity.  There were many twists in the plot.  The important events were kept in a linear structure, and the side stories- to of course be expanded upon in the near future- were kept somewhat separate.  The cliffhanger where Jim closes the screaming mouth of Joanne was intense, as was the scene where we fear Jim and Nora might get caught making sexual advances on each other.  The cutting back and forth of the camera, the slow panning and tracking around individual characters, and other techniques show masterful television production.  “Healing” loses all traces of campiness. The dark themes and events don’t lack sincerity anymore.  The acting is now at Law & Order: Special Victims Unit quality.  Even Profit’s totally cool visits to cyberspace are kept to a minimum. And there is still some nice humor- mostly through the southern-style quips of Bobbi.

I find myself asking about the story.  What is the fate of all these characters?  Has Grant escaped?  Has Jim changed Joanne, or was his pursuit in vain?  What are Pete and Sykes planning?  What depraved figures will we meet next?  I’m even pondering ethical questions.  Is it right when a hardcore white-collar criminal gets a sex offender punished?  After doing evil deeds, is it not justified to keep doing more, equally or less despicable deeds, to save oneself?  Am I amoral the way Jim Profit is?  His advice about working hard and understanding people is extremely useful.  He is admirable in ways that self-sacrificing heroes, reckless anti-heroes, and overly ambitious villain protagonists aren’t.  Profit cares about the challenge as much as the result, about rising to the top as well as down-time.  I don’t experience moral conflicts in my life, but rather seek the kinds of things Profit does.  I think episode 5 will be just as good.

Watched: March 13, 2010, at night, in my bedroom.

Overall Rating: 5/5

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