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Profit, Episode 5: Cupid

Ray Kestrel refuses to sign the acquisitions deal until his wife gets back together with him, setting up the episode's conflict.

The fifth episode boasts a new type of strength- the fleshing out of characters and their chaotic relationships.  The plot centers around a married couple- Anna and Ray Kestrel.  An increasingly stressed and frustrated Chaz tries to get the husband to sign a Gracen & Gracen acquisitions deal together with his wife for Dynamite Industries.  But Anna is being stalked by a man named Michael, and Jim Profit has plans of his own.  They include posing as the stalker to bring them together, and manipulating Sykes’s curiosity and conscience to bring them apart.  It all may require some review to make sense of.  It ends with the abusive and murderous, but loving Ray committing suicide, Anna fleeing, Michael arrested with cash and lawyer-ly compensation, and Sykes’s employment status ambiguous.  It’s also unclear whether the company has benefited or not from what transpired.  But I think this will be neatly explained in the next episode.  Also, watching the interrelated struggles of so many realistic characters is enjoyable.

Charles Gracen becomes more intimidating and adamant, but at the same time more insecure.  Bobbi- who seduces him so far as to gently help him cry- continues to blur the line between affection and treachery.  Joanne, apparently ignorant of the then-new thing called cellular phones, tries to do her own investigation onto payphones with the help of a man named Ernie, and succeeds to stay out of Profit’s knowledge.  Pete, who later leaves to see his uncle, is even more secretive by hiding his sobriety, and Nora reveals her sick past involving being molested by said uncle.  Sykes compromises his enlightened suspicion of Profit with his sense of right and wrong.  Profit himself becomes more friendly with Gail, who shows apprehensions about her deeds.  Our three episode exclusive characters- the Ray, Anna, and Michael-help show of Jim’s ever-strong powers to humiliate, befriend, and strike deals.

The suspense, the bitter humor, dire dialogue, and messages are packed tighter into the show.  Characters sneak up on each other from out of the camera’s view.  Profit explains the susceptibility of ex-lovers to murder and manipulation, and trash-talks Sykes in voice-overs.  Son and mother pretend to meet up for the first time in order to deceive.  Son deals with mother’s increased unpredictable plots, including the rescue of Chaz.  Chaz tightly hugs brother Pete after seeming to get ready to assault him.  Gail tests her fibbing ability with a call to Ray.  Everyone is doing their best- whether for moral reasons, selfish reasons, or responsibility.  Jim Profit seems very pleased at how intense his life has gotten.  I imagine Episode 6 will offer a unique 5/5 experience as well.

Notable quotes:

“Guard your morals, Mr. Sykes.  They tend to disappear around here pretty fast.” – Joanne

“Anyone who thinks controlling people is a science is dead wrong- It’s an art.” – Jim Profit voice over

Watched: March 14, 2010, before the morning, in my bedroom

Overall Rating: 5/5

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